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Click here to be directed to our third party membership database.


Follow the registration steps. 


Complete payment via our PayPal Checkout. 


Associate - Car (with books)

Associate members are those working towards but have not taken the RoSPA Advanced Test. This fee includes a copy of Roadcraft, the Highway Code and Know Your Road Signs. 



Associate - Car (no books)

Choose this option if you already have the current editions of Roadcraft, the Highway Code and Know Your Road Signs, or mobile applications. 



Full Member -Annual 

For those who have passed the RoSPA Advanced Test within the last 3 years and would like to become or remain a Full Member of the local Manchester Group. 



Postal Applications

We can facilitate postal applications on request. Postal details for the bike section can be found in the file attached. Please contact the Secretary for a car section application form. 

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